Kitchens!: round two

October 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

 Elle Decor

Here are more kitchens I’ve been looking to for inspiration for “our” (my in-laws’) kitchen remodel.  See round one of images here.  Thoughts, comments, and experiences wanted.

(ABOVE) Love the table as island. I also love the wooden counter throughout.   It probably appeals to me so much because I can’t have it (ugly, but true). I love the look of wood countertops, but not the water damage that will eventually (I think?) happen.  Does anyone out there have wood counters that have stood up over the years?

Inspiring Interiors

Another table island and I think I marked this one b/c we have a vaulted, cedar ceiling that I’m thinking of painting, but I’m on the fence.  You can’t go back, once it’s painted, so I’m trying to decide.

Belgian Pearls

Focus only on that amazing window. I love the 2 rows on top, 3 on the bottom.  Ok, look at the open shelves, too. They’re so pretty.  Skylight is great, too.

Elle Decor

Wow. Love the window style, the island off the floor, the vivid blue accents, open shelves, painted beamed ceiling, and (even though I sometimes don’t like them) the pot rack.  So elegant, but, still, a cooking kitchen.


And finally, I really liked this for a pantry idea: furniture look, not just cabinets, windows on doors that can be covered with curtains if need be. Pretty.


§ 3 Responses to Kitchens!: round two

  • Susan says:

    DON’T PAINT THE CEDAR!! Just put in some decent lights. I know it feels dark, but I think you’ll regret painting (or 50 years from now someone will think you made a bad decision a la linoleum) and lighting could go a long way towards brightness.

    Just my thought.

  • Cindy says:

    I was watching Baking with Julia the other day. I’m pretty certain it was filmed in her actual home. She had wood counters.

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