October 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

My oldest child turned ten this week. I can barely say it without a pause and a faraway look.  TEN!!!?  It sends me into a sentimental tizzy where I remember her skinny, little baby self, the kid we took all over San Francisco and beyond (Seriously. She went to cuba at 2 months old), the baby who barely cried.  How have 10 years passed and it feels like a breath?

Now, she is a FORCE on the soccer field (she used to be so scared and frail out there), she does her own laundry (I mean, I make her, but she does it pretty happily), she’s an INSATIABLE reader, and she has a pretty decent scrambled egg technique!

I think beside the fact that I marvel at what she is capable of, I find myself just liking her. As a person. I admire who she is, her gifts, her struggles, her interests and instincts.  I’m really glad I get to know her.

On the eve of her birthday I was overwhelmed with wanting to tell her how much I enjoy having her as a daughter, so I wrote her a long, sappy, mom, letter.  It was so energizing to just focus on all the good stuff I see in her (as a mother, I correct a lot). In the letter,  I told her the ways I’ve seen her grow, the things I admire in her, and what my prayers are for her.  She really seemed to like it, too:  all smiles and big hugs when she read it.  I’ve said this here before and I’ll say it again: there may be a time when she won’t like me doing this  kind of thing, so I’m reveling in it now.

As a post script, the birthday food was a mixed bag. She got her favorite dinner: shepherd’s pie (with her initials in mashed potatoes, based very loosely on this recipe).  The next day we had a small, soccer party in the yard where we had cake.  The cake was a complete fiasco: two broken hand mixers in the process, a MESS of a frosting job, and then it didn’t look anything like a soccer ball!   What can you do?  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


§ 4 Responses to TEN

  • Meghan Streets says:

    I think the cake looks good! I love that her favorite meal is shepards pie! I loved reading your thoughts and reflections. She is a blessed girl.

    • Monica says:

      Thanks, Meghan. Although, I think the cake looks like I MAY have heard of something mysterious called a soccer ball that comes from somewhere, far, far away!

  • Susan says:

    Man, *I* get a far away look in my eyes when I think of Aiden being 10! I’m glad you wrote her a long mushy letter – I think that means so much. I really like who she’s turning into as well, and you know how sad we are that we aren’t around for all the growing up that’s happening. Tell Aido we love her!

  • Michelle says:

    I can’t believe she is 10!! I remember her at Erynn’s wedding -she was so little :). Cake is super cute-love that she is so into soccer. :) hugs-MH

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