Some Things That Mean Everything

May 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s Monday, May 7, and my sister turns 40 today!  We had a great surprise party for her last night with lots of friends and family.  I’d been working on the party for most of the last two weeks, so being totally wiped out this morning, I unloaded the dishwasher, picked up only a few of the hundreds of things that were out of place in the house, looked at piles of laundry, and decided it all could wait one more day.

Instead of getting things tidy, I sat down with my favorite five-year old for a couple of hours, she with her practice (copying a drawing of a country church) and me with mine (the Daisy Chain Sampler).   We talked and listened to music and it couldn’t have been nicer.

I was feeling pretty contemplative after the weekend, looking at old photos from my sister’s life (and mine) and being surrounded and loved by family and friends, so, matching the mood, Patty Griffin was heavy on our playlist:

And as far as I can tell

Most everything means nothing

Except some things

That mean everything

from “Railroad Wings” on Children Running Through


Some Days Off

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Spring Break.  We are able to be at a family lake house for a few days and are loving it! We brought the fishing stuff, the dogs, and of course, my sourdough starter!

As an aside: I can’t stop listening to this.  The emotion is so palpable…love it.

Sewn things

October 11, 2011 § 6 Comments

This is a shirt I sewed this summer and just now got around to posting it. I’m particularly fond of racer back tanks, and I was so proud of myself for sewing a knit (stretchy and woven) garment and having it be wearable in public (not just to sleep in).

This is a shirt I sewed three days ago…It’sn Lisette pattern number 2245, and I really like it.  I just need a pair of slim cigarette pants or something to wear with it b/c it’s a boxy shirt (I love that about it, but it needs some slim accompaniment). Linen Fabric with a bit of metallic sheen. Vintage button.  Photos by my 4-year-old and therefore a bit dark and fuzzy!

And these two skirts are the same pattern, Lisette number 2211, and came together really quickly. I really like the pattern and went on a bit of a sewing binge, sewing them back to back in a span of 24 hours.  The first is a nice stretchy denim and the second a fine wale corduroy in a color that reminds me of butternut squash and nutmeg! Fall.

I have several more things I’m wanting to sew, but need to stop neglecting my house for a few days  (toilets, laundry,clutter, hello!).  I was sent a link to this project by my daughter’s awesome, first grade teacher (Hi Miss Lewis!!!) and I’m ready to take it on, but I want to find the perfect, cheap/free tank top before I experiment.  But isn’t it cute? Definitely summer, but, who am I kidding? It’s still 85 degrees here and will be until some time in November or December.  I can wear summer clothes nine or ten months out of the year. Soon!

Unrelated Excitement:

Have you seen Downton Abbey ?  It’s a PBS (and BBC) TV version of Gossford Park, but with much more endearing characters. It’s in its second season now.  Great costumes, too.

I missed Springsteen in the eighties (elementary school), and I’m definitely a cheese ball,  but I love this song!  Like it or  not, intense commitment is where great things begin.  A great song.

A Beginning

August 18, 2011 § 7 Comments

Today was the first day of school  for my kids. Well, three of them.  It was the first first for my son.  After waiting an extra year b/c I was sure he wasn’t ready for all that, he finally got out of the car and waltzed (well, sort of raced his sisters so they wouldn’t be showing him where his classroom was. He KNEW!) into school.  Kindergarten. I spent a lot of the day praying (truly) that there wouldn’t be a bathroom accident (otherwise known as peeing in his pants). There wasn’t (he didn’t). In fact, he came home jazzed to tell me about the class room signal for needing to go to the bathroom (crossing one’s fingers in the air).  He was full of tales and excitement, loved his day, said he “think(s) it’s fun in kindergarten”, and at dinner, asked if he could say the prayer, then thanked God that he was able to go to kindergarten. Oh my goodness. I love him.

These are pictures of the messenger bags I made them.  I know it’s hard to see detail, but it was all I was able to snap in our rush out the door this morning.  Henry: stripes. June: horses (oh my, that fabric.  But she loves horses, so…). And Aiden: floral.  I’m pretty happy with them, but probably happiest that I made them using only materials I already had.  Oh, the satisfaction.  I figure I probably  only have a couple more years, if that, where  they want me to make their bags for school, so I’m reveling in it.

I modified the pattern found here.

Other things:

  • I find this very inspiring.
  • My sister-in-law, Elena,  turned me on to soaking oatmeal and I’m into it.  I can do it at night, warm it in the morning, serve my kids something warming and healthy for breakfast, and still be on time for school. Excellent.
  • I found a “squirrel lady” to rehab Scotty (yes, that’s our pet squirrel).  Apparently she will raise him to squirrel adulthood and then let him go.  I’m for it. I’m pretty sure the best time to keep a wild animal is in its infancy.
  • Read this book and really liked it.  Currently reading this one and I’m intrigued, but not sure yet.

This Weekend

August 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

Scenes from the Circle B Ranch here in Lakeland.  It’s on a large lake full of alligators.  The thought of an alligator crossing our path definitely added some drama to our walk.  Proper drenching in sweat occurred.

And this?  This is “Scotty”.  Yes, he’s baby squirrel.  He fell out of his nest in our front yard.  I’m not a squirrel rescuer, reader.  Seriously.  I generally think of squirrels as rats with fuzzy tails, and every time I’m feeding him PUPPY formula from an eye dropper  (what??!) I’m shaking my head at myself.  But this thing…it’s cast some sort of spell on me.  I love it! Hopefully we aren’t doing more harm than good…. 


August 8, 2011 § 6 Comments

This week

…I’ve been enjoying this recipe over and over again. Our orange tomatoes from the garden make an even more colorful dish.  I officially need a tart pan.

…looking forward to seeing Josh Ritter (in November. Long term goals, people).  I can’t get enough of this version of “Thin Blue Flame”.

…cooking out of Kim Boyce’s book Good To the Grain.  Amazing whole wheat chocolate chip cookies! I’m going to post the recipe soon if I can get a picture of them before they are gobbled up! They’re shocking…really.

…working on making three little messenger bag/backpacks for my back to school kids. This may stretch into next week too! I need to get working…


What about you? What are you up to in the last few weeks of summer?

Planting for Summer

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is that not the funniest picture? I said, “Hold the seeds up so I can take a picture of what we’re planting.”  This is what she did. She’s such a unique, little person, with so much going on her head. I really have a sense of wonder at her. Who displays something by hanging it from their mouth? I love it!  She’s so funny, so different from me.  I admire her creativity (not just in showing seeds…she’s always doing things differently like this), I love that I get to know her so well.

Anyway…we had some more garden work to do this weekend.  Dad and two kids were at soccer, and we stayed home, too sick for soccer, but not too sick for planting.

We planted eggplant (hanging from June’s mouth above), baby limas, basil, parsley, oregano, sunflowers (attract bees for pollination), marigolds (supposed to help with aphids), long beans, and tomatoes.

Love the dirt on her fingers…

and the shoe-lessness…yes, it IS that warm here!

It was a good way to spend the morning.  Now we get to wait and look for the magic to happen.

Also, any Lakelanders that are into gardening: check out Peterson’s Nursery (it’s where we got the seeds this morning) on Lakeland Highlands Blvd.  The ladies in there are so helpful, they know their stuff and will tell you what you need and what you don’t.  This morning I got a lesson on what chemicals in the soil help with foliage, which help for flowering fruit, and which help plants lay down roots. It was so helpful in knowing what to add to the soil. I really like learning about the whole process, so I was appreciative. They’re a good resource.

‘Til next time…

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