New Stitches

April 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

Somewhere in my home-school days (I only did it for ONE year) I started thinking it would be a good idea to have the kids embroider.  I had dabbled (and I mean dabbled) in embroidery and thought it was a really accessible way to introduce them to the joys of making things with their hands. So, I got four hoops, cut some pieces of leftover canvas,  opened my half-decopaged shoe box of cotton embroidery floss (a gift from a friend in SF) and let them have at it.

We started with letters of the alphabet, their names, and the easiest stitch, the back stitch.  Being left totally to themselves, they started drawing their own pictures on fabric and embroidering around the edges.  They could get pretty gnarly.  And sometimes they would ask me if they could embroider and I would say “no” b/c I knew I would be asked to re-thread their needles about seventy times in the span of five minutes.

My most quiet, quirky, and sensitive (and horse-loving) kid has been the one who is most persistent about getting the hoop and thread out to work. Now that she is 8, she has a lot of the coordination and patience necessary to make smaller, neater stitches (something that really makes a difference), and to thread her own needle and tie her own knots.  We had some time alone recently and she declared (as she likes to do) that she wanted to embroider.  So, we found a picture of a horse (of course) and made a copy.  She transferred it to fabric with transfer paper, and she worked for a couple of hours on it, taking breaks whenever she needed it.

Here’s the almost finished product.  She’s pretty excited about her “horsey” (as am I).  She even learned how to do a french knot for the eyeball.  We are already looking at embroidery books together for new stitches and skills.  We’re both pretty into it, so if anyone has any suggestions for books to websites to check out, let me know.

And some unrelated fun stuff:

This dressing. Oh my.

Fancy chickens

Daisy Chain Sampler and check out her free downloads, too. I love some of the dishtowel designs.

AND I took this picture to my hair stylist and said “give me this”. I’m all over the map about it, loving it followed immediately by wondering what I was thinking,  but I think I’m settling down, now.  What else is there to do, right? It’s a good change, I think.

AND, AND I finished our taxes on time!! Relief.


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§ 2 Responses to New Stitches

  • Elena says:

    Way to go Junie! I’m proud of your patience and commitment to your project! It looks great–you are an inspiration to me–I need to try that sometime soon. As for your mother—thank you for the yummy sounding dressing recipe–I’ve needed something new like that. AND–I wish I could see you w/ your new hairstyle!!!!! Do you happen to have any pics??????? :)

  • goesonruns says:

    i’m with elena….. any chance we could see a pic of your without your long locks? i am sure (without a shadow of a doubt) that it is absolutely perfect on you.

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