Sewn Gifts for Babies

February 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

I went to a dinner the other night where, out of six of us, four were pregnant (not me!).  I have two sisters-in-law that are expecting and several friends, not at the dinner, that are pregnant, too.  So, I’ve been thinking about baby gifts, obviously.  These are two cute ideas for handmades I found at The Purl Bee, one of my favorite sites for sewing ideas (it’s great for the knitter, too).   You can find directions for the Penguin (I love this little guy!) here and instructions for the simple bibs here.  Purl Bee uses (glorious) Liberty of London fabrics on the bibs, but those are pricey, so I just used what I had.  The bibs are quick and simple, the penguin takes a bit longer, but is so fun!  I’m not even a stuffed animal person, but I loved making it.  It was a great way to use up scraps, too!

Other things I’ve been liking:

*The Marriage Plot…I really liked this book until the end when it just left you hanging. I’m still glad I read it.

*The Wonder Of Boys…I’ve realized I really don’t understand my son.  I have no idea what is going on in there.  This book is helping me understand why he does some of the things he does and how he needs different things than my girls do.  Very helpful and enlightening.

*MFK Fisher’s The Art of Eating…A collection of her essays.  Sometimes downright hilarious, the woman had some sass.

* This discussion about hair cuts (I’m thinking of going really short, so it’s been on the brain)

* This…The music, the faces, the outfits! It’s tough to stop laughing.


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§ 4 Responses to Sewn Gifts for Babies

  • ellie says:

    i don’t know why you were laughing…. that video just made me miss going to step classes! oh “repeater knees” and “over the tops” its been too long!

    my word of advice, don’t go short! i regret it everyday! i was cleaning out some closets today and found some old pictures of my long hair- i just told Will to never let me do this again! but of course, you could probably totally pull it off and make it look awesome.

    • Monica says:

      Ellie~ I’m in shock that you regret your short hair, but I hear you. Thanks for the insight from the the other side.

      I have actually gone to step classes, within the last year at the Y! Apparently it hasn’t gone out of style there yet. Or maybe it’s come back in. Retro aerobics.

  • Michelle says:

    Cute gifts..You are so talented! I did the short hair thing too -about 10 years ago. Big mistake for me. It just doesn’t fit my lifestyle and growing it back out was a bit of a long, annoying process. But you, my friend, are beautiful no matter if you have short, long, layered, or purple locks. (and probably more patience than I!) As mary always says-“it’s just hair, it’ll grow back if this (her newest idea) looks silly.” :)

  • Susan Sheby says:

    I will be happy to be the one to say that you really did look awesome with your short hair, because you essentially looked just like this:

    But you look awesome with long hair, too. So keep it long. :)

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