A Drawing Party (or, the easiest party ever)

December 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

It was my youngest child’s FIFTH birthday about a week ago (seriously, where did the time go?), so we did it up right with a very small party(ish) celebration just to suit her.  Drawing has definitely been her thing, lately.  She draws with pencils and crayons, and, sometimes,  even markers that can barely squeak out their color.  She draws almost constantly in the house, in the car, and even sitting in the grocery cart (if she can fit).  I mean, I have to make her stop drawing in bed at night.  Crazy.  SO, what would be a more appropriate (and thrillingly festive) way to celebrate her birthday than a drawing party? That’s right, nothing.

We decided to go with a still-life, drawing class, style where I set up little groups of objects (dolls, squashes, etc) on a large table and they would just do their best.  I changed the objects out every few minutes, for about twenty minutes, and then we ended with everyone drawing the birthday girl (who was embarrassed and loving it at the same time)! Then Vince took them all into another room where they sat, stadium style, around him, screaming out guesses as to who drew what picture.  That may have been the best part.

The rest of the party went like this: we sang, had this cake, opened a few presents, and I sent all the kids (really, all cousins and siblings) home with little homemade “books” (ripped off from Angry Chicken) and a pack of crayons for their future drawing and writing needs.  And, Done.  It was one of the simplest, most pleasant parties we’ve had, with not too much screaming (always good) and just enough sugar and fresh packs of crayons to please everyone.


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