The Good Stuff

September 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, School is in full swing, now, and it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We’ve had a few bathroom accidents during school, a few forgotten homeworks, one completely missed project (in an email, the teacher sweetly asked why my child’s project wasn’t there. I had never even heard of this project! Not a great start…), and  some major meltdowns here and there. Outside of school, my youngest got eight stitches in her forehead one Friday night, we’ve had two chickens die in the last week (pretty gruesome), and I’ve been laid out for days with the flu. Sometimes life just kicks your butt. But, I know it could be worse.

There have been great things, too, however and, in effort to dwell on the beautiful and good (something I’m working on),  I’m going to list them:

~While I was sick with the stomach flu recently, my oldest totally came through, rousing everyone from bed,  making lunches, and fixing breakfast for everyone, so that I could just roll out of bed (curled up in a cramping ball) and get in the car to drive them to school. I was touched by her kindness to me.

~My son’s teacher sent home an “award” for his performance in the math part of class that day. He really gets excited by solving number problems.  We see some geeky coolness in his future, but this is not breaking news with him.

~My second daughter, June, loves to read out loud (loudly), and has recently taken to reading the non-readers stories.  Bedtime, mealtime, in the car time…she’s reading to someone.  She likes to be in charge and I’m hoping this is a good way for her to be.  Plus, the younger ones are being read to more. I’m so appreciative of that.

~I couldn’t be enjoying all the time I’m getting with my youngest any more. We are having a blast working our way through a book, practicing the formation of letters, going to the YMCA (where grandmotherly types read her books, she makes clocks to learn how to tell time, etc. all while I’m getting some exercise), reading books while eating warm roasted peanuts, and baking something almost every day (thesethis, and this amazing thing, for example).  See what I mean? I’m just reveling in it because she goes off to kindergarten next year. Sniff.

Speaking of granola (one of the links above), we have been eating it on a pretty regular basis as I continue to try to reduce our sugar intake (I know, I’m one of those people.  But read this article and tell me what you think) by making our own cereal.  I have no hope, nor wish, to eliminate sweetness from our diets entirely, but I can do what I can, right?

I kind of just wing the granola at this point, dumping the dry stuff into a big bowl (seeds, nuts, flax meal, dried fruit or not, salt, cinnamon or nutmeg) and mixing it with some wet ingredients (maple syrup, vegetable or grape seed or even olive oil, honey, vanilla extract).  If it’s too dry I add more wet stuff.  If it’s too wet, I add more dry. Then I bake it on a sheet pan at 375 degrees for ten minutes, stir it, see if it needs to toast more, and go from there.  It’s pretty foolproof and you can customize it to your tastes. Oh, and your house will smell like it will in heaven.

Other Stuff to Love:

This version of Jane Eyer, lent to me by my friend, Angie. I’ve only watched it three times this week. (what?)

Daydreaming over this beautiful, little bed and in what kind of dream world it would fit (can you imagine how dirty that could get? still…).



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