A Few Things

September 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I had an unfortunate immersion blender accident recently (what? it could happen to anyone!).  I didn’t do any major damage, just enough to have a bulky, bandaged pointer finger on my left hand which means I’m typing with one hand.  I’ll be brief:

~been making a really simple slaw (see above)  that consists of shredded green cabbage, two shredded carrots, half of a red onion, a bunch of cilantro, chopped, cider vinegar (about 1/4 cup), a little honey, a squeeze of lime, and salt.  You can improvise on all amounts and the liquids can be different, too: Honey and vinegar, lime and honey, lime and sesame oil (really good), etc. Cheap, light, and full of flavor. Make it for a barbecue (Labor Day?).

~sewed myself a new pillow cover that I’m not in love with, but thankfully, it’s not hard to make a new one when I get sick of it.

~made this potato “salad” recipe (love this site, by the way) and it was great. Tried making my own mayo instead of sprucing up a store-bought version (this was when I cut my finger).  I’d try it their way next time. Seriously, so good. Try it.

~made a cauliflower-bacon gratin from Around My French Table that impressed me.  It’s rich, so a little goes a long way.  Basically, it’s this filling, no crust, and lots of cauliflower and bacon (those two things are cooked before they go into the filling).  Keeper.


§ 2 Responses to A Few Things

  • Elena says:

    Disregard my voicemail–I found your tomato tart recipe on one of your earlier blog postings that I forgot about. We all enjoyed it tonight and it brought back good memories of NC! :) Hope you are doing well. I always enjoy your posts–you have such an enjoyable and witty voice. I am always impressed with the way you word thoughts–I am always laughing out loud at least once during my reading. I wish you could write a book or something. I’m serious.

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