A Beginning

August 18, 2011 § 7 Comments

Today was the first day of school  for my kids. Well, three of them.  It was the first first for my son.  After waiting an extra year b/c I was sure he wasn’t ready for all that, he finally got out of the car and waltzed (well, sort of raced his sisters so they wouldn’t be showing him where his classroom was. He KNEW!) into school.  Kindergarten. I spent a lot of the day praying (truly) that there wouldn’t be a bathroom accident (otherwise known as peeing in his pants). There wasn’t (he didn’t). In fact, he came home jazzed to tell me about the class room signal for needing to go to the bathroom (crossing one’s fingers in the air).  He was full of tales and excitement, loved his day, said he “think(s) it’s fun in kindergarten”, and at dinner, asked if he could say the prayer, then thanked God that he was able to go to kindergarten. Oh my goodness. I love him.

These are pictures of the messenger bags I made them.  I know it’s hard to see detail, but it was all I was able to snap in our rush out the door this morning.  Henry: stripes. June: horses (oh my, that fabric.  But she loves horses, so…). And Aiden: floral.  I’m pretty happy with them, but probably happiest that I made them using only materials I already had.  Oh, the satisfaction.  I figure I probably  only have a couple more years, if that, where  they want me to make their bags for school, so I’m reveling in it.

I modified the pattern found here.

Other things:

  • I find this very inspiring.
  • My sister-in-law, Elena,  turned me on to soaking oatmeal and I’m into it.  I can do it at night, warm it in the morning, serve my kids something warming and healthy for breakfast, and still be on time for school. Excellent.
  • I found a “squirrel lady” to rehab Scotty (yes, that’s our pet squirrel).  Apparently she will raise him to squirrel adulthood and then let him go.  I’m for it. I’m pretty sure the best time to keep a wild animal is in its infancy.
  • Read this book and really liked it.  Currently reading this one and I’m intrigued, but not sure yet.

§ 7 Responses to A Beginning

  • Jess Weeks says:

    Love the bags–especially aidens fabric! Wish I was going back to school so you could make me one!

  • Michelle says:

    I love the headless children with their bags and I’m so glad Henry had a great first day! Now you need to sign him up for that chess club and he will be beside himself!

  • Susan says:

    Hurray! What a great post! (Except I’m not sure how Henry would feel about you praying for him to not have an accident!) :)
    I’m SOOO sad we weren’t there for the first day of school! :(

  • Susan says:

    what i meant was ‘how Henry would feel about you TELLING everyone you were praying…” :) love it.

  • Brea says:

    The bags look awesome! If the day ever comes (and I don’t think it will) that they don’t want you to make them bags anymore, just know that I will always want you to :) I’m so glad Henry loved Kindergarten…I can’t wait to come home and hear all about it!

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