French Friday with Kids: Speculoos

June 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

My kids are all home now for the summer. It’s a great thing, but I’m finding myself still adjusting to all of the “activity” that is constant in the house, now. It’s loud. It’s messy. And I feel like I’m supposed to be coming up with stuff (other than just playing) for my kids to do all summer. Why? I don’t know. I’m a firm believer in them not having too much structure in their lives, letting them be kids who get to wander a bit. But the past week has felt way too nebulous.  Maybe it’s because MY schedule has been totally thrown off. I’m feeling adrift. They’re probably fine.

Anyway, I thought I’d do the French Fridays with Dorie recipe this week, only to discover it was a roasted rhubarb dish. Rhubarb has completely disappeared from my grocery store (it always seems too expensive to me anyway), so I knew I wouldn’t be making that one.

I was going to cook SOMETHING from Around My French Table , though, and I landed on a simple cookie that would let the kids participate: Speculoos.   Speculoos are a Belgian cookie, actually, but, according to Dorie, quite popular in France, mostly around Christmas.  The  ingredients are simple, they’re short on baking time (you do have to let the dough chill for a few hours), and make a great, little snack with coffee (me) or milk (them).

As we tasted them together we had to describe them as best we could. “Cinnamon-y”, “Crunchy” (yelled at top volume), and “More cinnamon-y than snickerdoodles” were some of the responses.  Everyone agreed they were “YUMMY!!!”, though, and that’s hard to beat.

Unless you add ice cream…

You can find the recipe here.


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  • Elena says:

    Hearing about you dealing w/ your schedule getting knocked around and scuffed up is comforting to me–I’m not alone…it’s just part of mom-hood. Thanks for putting into words some of what I’ve been battling w/ this week. I loved reading about your kids commenting on the cookies–it’s fun to imagine who was yelling and commenting and saying what. Fun read once again. :)

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