A Little Summer Sewing

May 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

Summer has come. The heat has set in (90’s on a regular basis), we’re swimming pretty  much every day, and the winter-ish clothes have been boxed up and put away (a HUGE deal for me)! I’m happy to see summer come, but it always comes with the revelation that there’s a lack of clean, crisp, new clothing. Everything in my closet looks and feels heavy once that heat gets here. Shorts are even a bit hot.

So, for the last week or so I’ve been working on sewing some clothes for myself that feel neither hot nor skimpy (another dilemma as I get a bit older). I used to think I couldn’t sew clothes more inexpensively than I could buy them from Target, but I’ve found that as long as the material is on sale and I only buy patterns on sale (99 cents a piece!), sewing is tough to beat on the money front. Aside from the money, I really enjoy the challenge of learning to sew with a little more skill.  It’s fun to become proficient in a skill. Plus, I enjoy watching something flat become something 3 dimensional. It almost feels like sculpture.

So, here’s the beginnings of a summer wardrobe on a budget:

  • Chambray linen skirt, seen above (using this pattern).  I love this material and want to make a shirt out of it soon. Hancock Fabrics.

  • Skirt made from an old dress (same pattern as the first skirt).  My dress was a maxi dress and had tons of material in the skirt.  It was ripe for a re-fashion.

  • T-shirt dress from Butterick pattern#5211. Fabric from Hancock (I think this one is out of print, but I’m sure you could find something almost identical in another of the big pattern brands: Vogue, Simplicity, or McCall’s).  This dress is my first knit wear attempt and knits are definitely a different beast. It’s wearable, but has some issues (waffling hemlines, anyone?). Still, I’m glad I ventured into knits.  No comments on my man hands!

  • And, finally, a little bias cut shirt that is so comfortable and easy that I think I’m making about five more as soon as I can. I know it’s pretty mom-ish, but I love it for some reason! Maybe for THAT reason. It’s so apple pie and baseball. Oh. And the darts are actually in the right place when I have a proper undergarment on and not a swimsuit (we were on our way to the lake!).  It’s Burda Style #7509 and I found both the material and pattern at Hancock Fabrics.

How about you guys? Are you doing any sewing these days? I’d love to hear!


§ 4 Responses to A Little Summer Sewing

  • susan says:

    Yay! I love all of them! I think I’m going to make some skirts too, since I am not finding a dress pattern that I love… And I’m knitting the striped cowl from purlbee with some cheap(er) yarn first to make sure I can do it. I’ll post some pictures soon!

    • Monica says:

      Smart on the cowl. I wonder what sources there are out there for affordable but nice yarns. I’ll be looking out for the finished skirts!

  • ellie h campbell says:

    thats so awesome! man, i wish i could sew!

    • Monica says:

      Ellie, the next time you are home we can do a little “how to read a pattern” tutorial if you want. I know Purl Soho in Manhattan gives classes. And I’m sure someone in Brooklyn does. It would take YOU about one session to be on it, I’m sure. Hope you guys are well!

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