Garden Update

April 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m Letting the spring lettuces go to seed so I can collect them for the next planting. This pod is filled with arugula seeds.  I feel like a (somewhat) real gardener when I do this…

The first bits of oregano growing…the first time we’ve grown it.  I’m collecting recipes and smelling it a lot.

The first few tomatoes have come out. I’m already battling the aphids/tomato plant murderers.  Fish oil is keeping them in check at this point. I’m hoping to not have to bring out the synthetic chemicals on them. But I will.  They are ruthless.

The herb garden (a raised bed Vince built for me; love that guy) is so pleasing.  I love having all those different tastes at my disposal. I just send a kid out with some scissors (I’ve had a little “this is how you cut ____” talk with all of them already) when I need it.  Cilantro, basil, thyme, and chives (going clockwise) are all producing well, so I’m looking forward to some serious flavoring this summer. Hopefully I’ll be brave and be more adventurous in what I combine with them.

It’s so fun, and….I know I sound hokey and like I have some soothing flute music playing in the background when I say it, but…it’s truly a privilege to watch.


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