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March 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today, I just have some pictures and a link to the recipe for some pretty amazing caramel popcorn (from the book DamGoodSweet by David Guas and Raquel Pelzel).  I made it the other night for a large group and it was gone before I got a chance to have any.  I mean, besides the fair amount I “sampled” mid-cooking.  You knew what I meant.

This stuff is so good, though, I was even glad to share.  It isn’t a caramel popcorn that tastes like sugar with caramel coloring.  The kind that makes your teeth stick together?  No. This is buttery, caramel flavor, with a salty note, perfectly balanced.  So balanced you won’t stop eating because your teeth are sticky and you feel head- achy. No, you’ll have to stop yourself some other way. I suggest a crowd of eaters.

She says this in the recipe posted on Orangette, but I’ll say it again: you must be ready with all your ingredients before you start the caramel because once you get started, you have to stay with it. No going to the mailbox or even unloading the nearby dishwasher during this one. It needs your focus (you can be distracted while it’s baking).

Also, the recipe calls for a candy thermometer so that you can know when the caramel is at just the right stage (of perfection) before  you take it off the heat. I used a meat thermometer because my candy version broke and was never replaced (classic).   I decided to muddle through, though, in the name of superior snacking, and it worked well enough.

Coming soon: I think I’m back in the mood to try more orange soup recipes (not this one, though)!


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  • ellie h campbell says:

    this has nothing to do with your popcorn…and im not sure this is blog-worthy… but i just made an awesome smoothie. kinda like one of those really expensive odwalla smoothies with fruits and vegetables. to avoid making it look gross i kept everything the same color. handful of green grapes, spinach, green bell pepper, cucumbers, lime juice, one banana, and some honey. it was really good…. now that im thinking about it… you could probably do the same with carrots (plain, steamed to soften) and a bunch of other red and orange stuff. maybe that will redeem my terrible carrot soup! cheap, healthy and flexible. all words we both like!

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