Ten Bites

March 16, 2011 § 7 Comments

Carrot soup.  My mind has been taken over by carrot soup. If I close my eyes, I see orange.  When I look around my kitchen I think, “I wonder if THAT would taste good in carrot soup (banana/carrot soup?).  I had a request for a good carrot soup recipe, and, well, I’m still looking.

I’ve made one recipe twice now (A version inspired by carrot soups from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian and 101 Cookbooks).  I thought I really liked it the first time.  I made it again to make sure I wasn’t leading people astray, and I discovered something: It tasted mildly of vomit.  I’m not sure what it was (the lemon, the thyme, the honey, the garlic?), but, you think it’s good, you’re eating it happily, and ten bites in, you realize you just can’t do it.  Ten bites was your limit.  At ten bites, it tastes like throw up.

So, I’m going to give my family a break from carrot soup for a while (two times in three days was a bit much for them). But, now I’m really intrigued.  Does anyone out there have a tested carrot soup recipe that doesn’t call for coconut milk, doesn’t taste like baby food, and doesn’t remind you of your last bad stomach virus?  Surely there is a good one out there.  I think. Maybe.



§ 7 Responses to Ten Bites

  • ellie h campbell says:

    im sorry! ive passed the curse on to you! the same thing happened to me with mine- like 10 bites in i couldn’t handle it anymore. but carrots are so cheap and healthy….there must be a way!

    • Monica says:

      I know! Don’t be sorry, though. I really love all the experimentation. It’s just a little baffling. But, you’re right-cheap and healthy are going to motivate me to keep working on it.

  • Elena Strawbridge says:

    Oh boy! I don’t think I can even attempt carrot soup now w/ the vomit idea in my head–yuck!!!! I do like Dorie’s Spiced Butter-Glazed Carrots though. That would be something good to bring cooked carrots back in a good way. :)

  • Michelle says:

    Ah ha ha. Great post Mon! Still laughing…

  • Monica says:

    Elena- I’m trying that recipe soon as I need some redemption for the noble carrot. It’s got a bad reputation around here as of late.

    Michelle- I know. Vomit soup is kind of hilarious.

  • Susan says:

    i really think the key is neutralizing the sweet/acidic combo. That’s what throw up is…

  • Vince says:

    ahh… sweet acid vomit. im so hungry.

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